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Case Study


Customer: Accent Leasing and Financial, LLC.
Location: Lansing, MI

Prior to participating in the Beta Program and acquiring LITEHAUS360, Accent Leasing structured their leases manually using pen and paper as well as software products such as Telemagic and Microsoft Excel.

The Challenge
Accent Leasing required a product that could reduce manual calculations and assist in tracking and analyzing lead sources, sales goals and vendor information. They needed something that could help them dramatically improve efficiency when structuring and calculating leases. And aside from tracking and analysis capabilities, Accent also needed a tool that would help sales staff target their markets more effectively.

During the Beta Program, John Healy, a Managing Member at Accent Leasing, noticed that LITEHAUS360 could be the software solution he was looking for.

"LITEHAUS360 helps us track, analyze and calculate data from lead sources, sales productivity, sales goals and achievements, ratios on fundings vs applications and vendor tracking," says Healy, "It provides us better analysis of leads and vendors, assisting our sales team in concentrating their efforts in the appropriate industry.

"Right now we are using LITEHAUS360 solely as a tracking and analysis tool. As a broker we use funder sourced lease documents, so it is not as important for all of the capabilities be utilized at this point."

Healy says using LITEHAUS360 will also save Accent time and money.

"Instead of wasting valuable time (lost sales dollars) in the wrong places," he adds, "the sales team can now target the correct vendors in the correct industry."

The manual calculations have also been a thorn in Healy's side and having a software product like LITEHAUS360 manage that is a welcomed feature.

"My main concern is to increase sales and better manage our sales team's efforts. Prior to using LITEHAUS360, I have had to manually calculate lead cost, generation of sales and productivity. It is a waste of my time and sometimes it doesn't get done. With LITEHAUS360, I can focus on what my important tasks without having to do the mundane manual calculations."

Healy believes Accent Leasing can gain a legitimate ROI using LITEHAUS360 with in the first year because it is so easy to set up and get working.

"It only took an hour to set the system up on a workstation and then about 20 minutes to enter our first lease," says Healy. "This is huge because our sales staff can get going without formal training or self-study. The system is very easy to navigate and understand."

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