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Case Study


Customer: Accepted Finance Company, LLC.
Location: Goldsboro, NC

After looking at other lease management software products, Accepted Finance Company (AFC) decided on LITEHAUS360 because of its familiar user interface and powerful lease quoting features. But the most compelling reason was not the price. It was the company’s knowledge of the leasing industry.

User friendly software with familiar look and feel
Being relatively new to leasing, AFC was looking for a software solution that was not only cost-effective, but also easy to use. LITEHAUS360 enabled AFC to get up and running quickly, allowing them to focus on structuring lease deals instead of learning complicated software.

"LITEHAUS360 is very user friendly," says AFC President, Wesley Bates, "It not only looks and feels like other Microsoft Office products, it also integrates with them very well, which means I don't have to enter data twice or schedule two different calendars. It's very flexible and it gives me the piece of mind that I can do business like the big boys.

"Other products like Advantage were too cumbersome. The learning curve was too steep and it just didn't look easy. LITEHAUS360 not only looks slicker, it functions that way too."

AFC was also able to quickly generate lease deals using LITEHAUS360's powerful quoting screen.

"The biggest feature for us was how dynamic we can generate and compare quotes," continues Bates, "The way LITEHAUS360 handles quotes is awesome. We can structure many different deals all on one screen and calculate rate factors on the fly. This is huge because we can get a clear picture of what deal is going to make the most sense for our customers."

Service and support that knows leasing
Bates also was impressed with LITEHAUS Systems' service and support noting that their expertise in the leasing industry was paramount in helping with buying and installing the software.

"LITEHAUS really does know leasing. They not only offer a great product but also advice and industry insight that I didn't even know," says Bates, "They went the extra mile by providing tremendous value and didn't nickel-and-dime me for every little feature like other software companies do. They are a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend them to any broker looking for an alternative to expensive and inflexible leasing software."

With the support he received, Bates was able to get the software running and a lease deal set up within a day. And because LITEHAUS360 is so easy to use, he expects to recover the cost of acquiring the software after completing his first deal.

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