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LITEHAUS Systems releases beta version of leasing software aimed at small business brokers.

Surrey, British Columbia (PRWEB) June 28, 2006 – LITEHAUS Systems announces the launch of the LITEHAUS360 Lease Edition beta program. The program is designed to test its new front-end lease management and lease administration solution, LITEHAUS360 Lease edition.

Aimed at small business leasing professionals, LITEHAUS360 Lease Edition is the first "deal centric" application that allows brokers to prepare multiple quotes for various "what if" scenarios, to record and track asset details and end-of-term, to analyze deal funding and booking, and to customize deal documents and reports. LITEHAUS360 is integrated with Microsoft® Office® and powered by T-Value™, providing powerful contact management, document management and proven mathematics. Brokers can run their entire sales and deal management in one application.

"Our first release is targeted at the small business equipment finance market because we have found it to be vastly underserved," stated LITEHAUS President, Anthony Carrol. No stranger to leasing, Carrol spent the last 10 years working as an equipment lease broker and administrator for various organizations from small capital companies to large financial institutions like CIT Group and Newcourt Capital. Fed up with the limited software available for the small business broker, he decided to build his own.

"Current solutions are mostly targeted at large brokerages. Costs start at $100,000 and can reach $500,000 including installation, customization and maintenance," added KC Chavda, CEO, "For most small/medium brokerages, these solutions are unaffordable. Most brokers therefore make do with patched-up solutions consisting of Microsoft Excel, Word, a rate book and a trusty HP calculator. While this solution does get the job done, it has proven to be highly prone to mistakes resulting in lost deals. LITEHAUS360 allows brokers to manage and close more deals in a shorter time and thus deliver higher commissions."

Priced at $US995 per annum user subscription, LITEHAUS360 includes support, free enhancements and no limit on entries. LITEHAUS360 Lease Edition will be introduced in the summer of 2006.

For more information about the LITEHAUS360 Lease Edition Beta Program or to learn how to apply to become a beta customer, please visit http://www.litehaus360lease.com/beta-program.php.

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We provide deal-making solutions that offer both clarity in financial analysis and simplicity in application, allowing for greater flexibility and control throughout the deal management process. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, LITEHAUS Systems is the only full-service sales finance solution for small business leasing professionals and is one of Canada's fastest growing software companies.

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